Why I love being part of your story.

I love creating art and reportage photography. It is part of my passion to freeze the memories of a wonderful day in the lifes of two (and many more) people. I like to see people smiling, dressing up and having the day of their lifes and I am proud to be a part of it. On a wedding I like to tinker around and observe other peoples life, how they act, how they feel, how it's changing and when it get's emotional. Hearing the stories of how they grew up, how they discovered the love for each other that paves the way for this special day. I met so many great people on my journey and I really miss the days now and then because I get emotionally addicted to their stories, kindness and love. That is why being a wedding photographer is my passion.
To all the people loving my art - thank you for your trust. It means so much to me.
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